About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Happy Adoptee's Angry Judgement


The Happy-Adoptee's Angry Judgement
Those happy adoptees are the loudest angrily screaming at the adoptee that is open and honest about their pain .The happy adoptee resents all truths that are not in direct line with adoption propaganda as this type of adoptee works desperately to silence the lived experiences of  suffering adoptees and their real-mothers. The emotional plague that adoption vomits on those forced  to bear it. The ultimatums for children from individuals with financial leverage to feed the supply and demand rule grease the adoption machine. The helpless, poor, young and vulnerable are the targeted victims of which adoption preys on in stealing their offspring to supply the wealthy with human children. The adoptee that must make sense of themselves as they choose entitlement and refuse honest dialog regarding adoption as they attack any voice that does not parrot their own. These happy adoptees deny their feelings and truth as a form of control over their lives. The dissenting voice to the happy-adoptee is a repulsive chalkboard scratching that must be stopped with hostility and fear, as being the irrational bully to anyone that experienced adoption suffering is the only way that the happy adoptee can react. They see only happy adoptees, all others are suspect in the crime of causing the happy adoptee to look within himself, where he may become lost and loose control of his life teetering on top of what he hopes is right, there all other's are dead wrong in their opinion and experience. This is the only way for the happy adoptee to maintain sanity, is to attack any voice that does not reflect his own. If the happy adoptee were to listen to another adoptee's words they may crack in half, be flooded with the world of truth that the happy adoptee holds inside him tightly with clinched fists. The happy adoptee must remain hyper vigilant to all adoption related experiences, trolling the internet seeking out writers that may reveal "what is forbidden" for adopted children to think, believe or write. That these taboo topics that adopted children are not allowed to approach, think about or know about, the happy adoptee must take it upon himself to be the police and punish adoptee offenders for speaking the truth of their bad and traumatic adoption experiences. The happy adoptee must spend all of his energy to stop other adoptees from having the courage to speak out, to acknowledge their pain and to be honest with themselves. The honesty is the abomination that the happy adoptee fights daily with the public, the adoptee community and with himself. If the happy adoptee were to pause for one moment, to put down his guard, the magnitude of truth may cause the solitude of his castle to crumble as his own truth might be revealed.  The adoption paradox is the overreaction that the happy adoptees feels with vengeance against anyone that expresses pain or suffering from adoption.     
What I see in their condemnations, anger and attacks (of REAL-Mothers and Adoptees that tell the truth) Is their honest pain, that they are so repulsed by what they feel inside that they must deny it in themselves and viciously deny and judge others to take the focus off themselves. As their truth is kept suppressed like a contained bomb ready to ignite....as it smolders a deep rumbling boil that the happy adoptee must keep in control. If they were to let any personal truth or authentic feelings seep out their entire world would come crashing out like a tidal wave. The "happy adoptee" on the outside is vomiting adoption bile and swallowing it back down hoping that no one will see. On the outside the happy-adoptee is running around screaming specifically at other adoptees to shut-the-F*ck-Up about the plague of adoption pain. To keep their EGO intact they must refuse all dialog as a child's black or white thinking, and work hard each moment to suppress the reality that adoptees and Real-mothers speak in honesty. The courageous are the adoptees and Real-mothers that can speak about their pain and have discussions that provoke thought as we talk about it for very serious reasons: To acknowledge what has happened to us, How we are still alive despite our traumatic horrific adoption experiences, to bring change to stealing and selling offspring and to educate the masses one voice at a time. All of us Real-Mothers and Adoptees were forced into a cruel conspiracy to procure temporary happiness to one person's demands, at the expense of two individuals destroyed lives. The happy-adoptee must attack and scream the loudest to deny the enormity of suffering that exists within themselves.