About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Society's Impact on Adopted Children


The Societal Impact on Adopted Children

From conception infants do not seem real, at 40 weeks gestation the reality that the child is coming is impossible to deny. The biological family that welcomes their child or grandchild into the world gives the child the gift of identity and place to which the child belongs and has belonged for hundreds of generations. The biological child's world is one of inclusion, knowing who you are due to the clan that shares genetic appearance, behavior, habits and gestures that are all intertwined within the biological family system. The biological child is "genetically mirrored" by both parents, siblings, maternal and paternal extended family members as they all share many genetic similarities and they are easily identified by their family, the child knows who they are and where in their world that they belong. 
The child that is cast out.....Without identity, clan, and most importantly being mirrored and mirroring back at his own biological relatives, makes him isolated, makes him unequal to his adopted family and peers and makes him unknown to himself. 

The natural action of "biological mirroring" is a primal motivation for genetic family and offspring this dance brings unspoken, intuitive and wholeness within family connections that continue throughout the family members lifetimes, in old age is unifying.

 The adopted child that has never experienced genetic mirroring does not recognize himself in the mirror. The family outcast, adopted child will spend his life searching for his own reflection in other people, that will always disappoint him as the strangers can only genetically-mirror their own family members, and not the non-biological child or adult. This deficit in adult adoptees is only realized when they enter into a new relationship with their own biological family members. Where genetic mirroring is experienced for the first time is such an astonishing, profound and heightened biological body feeling experience. Being genetically mirrored for the first time is felt by the Adoptee as a body-mind-soul revelation, experience and is felt so strongly by the adoptee on such a magnified state that it can fulfill years of emptiness with a single face-to-face interaction with a biological blood tie connection. Each time I experienced this with a new relative, my own biological sister, i feel this pull stronger and more profound each week when I see her, the experience takes my breath away and I am in owe of her existence, I can feel her soul and I can see her face in my mind at any moment as though she was always with me throughout my life. The connection between us has always existed, now there is a face, a voice, a personality and a soul to go with the feeling of my sister.

The human potential of an infant is reliant on the infant's biological mother.
Where the infant offspring is intentionally abandoned by the biological mother, the genetically produced offspring is incubated for the purpose of adoption and the infant meets the world in a desperate state at birth.
The pregnant woman's thought process that her offspring is intended for a two patent couple, financially stable with a "beautiful home" and future resources that the adopted child will benefit, Are All EXCUSES by the biological mother who is deceiving herself about the "adoption plan" to allow it to occur. 

In reality the couple has a 60% chance of divorce, a larger percentage chance of becoming economically disadvantaged and loosing that "fancy big home" that everyone in the adoption industry believes makes a stable childhood. The reality of the consequences are that the single parent moves into an apartment with the adopted child and lives on the edge of society. 

The adopted child lives their childhood in a forced legal connection to a stranger adult that has control over them. The only real connection for the adopted child is the fear of loosing what is familiar right now, which becomes complacent, dependent and a slave mentally to what is familiar. 

The truth of life is that we change, childhood is the time where we need to be cared for by competent, loving persons that put the child first before themselves. When the adoptive parent believes they have saved their child from a terrible fate, "the savior complex" is a ploy for public attention, public-admiration, social recognition and all of these selfish desires are based on the savior adoptive mother's self-centered vanity. The adoptive mother's need to be seen by her peers and social circles as a capable, self-less and courageous person who puts herself behind her projects, but that is the opposite of what she does, how she behaves and how she treats her adopted child pet. The adoptive mother will present her adopted child in pretty dresses and showcase the adopted child's behavior, manners and self-control skills in front of the adoptive mother's peers. To the adoptive mother's delight, the adopted child has performed the "adopted child role" in a flawless performance, that the adoptive mother gets recognition for her award winning director skills and the peer group recognizes her accomplishment in taming this wild beast in captivity and showing that the wild child can look and act civilized. 

Yet the peer or church group and the adoptive mother all are well aware that the adopted child is a flawed nature, biologically unwanted and mentally compromised human being, and this just might be the best or all that the adopted child is ever capable of. The adopted child can only go so far in a civilized society, they are like dogs, cats or wild animals that can be domesticated, but only to a point where they will disappoint all expectations.
The reality of how society views non-biological adopted children, yet tolerates and uses them to fulfill the temporary selfish desires of childlessness, control issues, sexual impulses and submission-domination needs.

I was adopted to fulfill a specific, temporary need that a family was suffering from a tragedy.  A grieving mother of two biological sons that lost her third child, an infant daughter to stillbirth. The mother was overcome long after this tragic loss with debilitating emotional distress that kept her from getting out of bed and caring for her children and husband. 

Psychologists Warn Against "Replacement-Infants" for Stillbirth Mothers

There are many studies originating from the early 1960's that use language of extreme caution and demand public adoption agencies refuse this practice of "replacement infants" for dead biological children, always lead to psychopathy in the adopted replacement infants...
Infants adopted into tragic circumstances cause neglect, isolation and child abuse by depressive, psychopathic and narcissistic behaviors in post-tragedy surviving adoptive mothers. 

Even the most well intentions can be contrast by adoptive mother's cruelty, reactionary, ambiguity and indifference behaviors. The biological mother's job is to put her infant's life before her own as displayed in her selfless behaviors of protection, nurturing and supportive actions of genetic mirroring. 

As we learned in horror of the "Marlowe's Monkey Love experiments", The mother's nurturing is far more important in the offspring's survival than feeding is. The experiment had terrible consequences to the infant monkeys that became too psychotic to exist and the monkey's detrimental psychological condition from not being nurtured, in these disturbing cruel and sickening animal experiments could not be reversed!

The biological mother's investment in her offspring determines the survival of that offspring The trauma of being biologically-abandoned for adoption results in trauma impact on the infant that never goes away. Foreign childhood institutionalization has taught us that the window of opportunity for infant nurturing can not be altered, denied or ignored. The institutionalized child can NOT be Fixed by self-proclaimed great and loving adoptive parents, economic status or beautiful home and neighborhood can't fix institutionalization...Yet they keep adopting them, become disappointed, broke and sending them back or dump the kids on our social welfare system to fit the bill with taxpayer dollars...Adopters hope that they are off the financial hook for responsibility of their 3rd world adoption mistakes.

Adoption in the U.S. is a temporary childhood relationship with legal clauses to divorce adopted children that the parents can no longer tolerate in adolescent cognitive growth & awareness. Childhood ignorance and innocence is preferred by adopters, when children grow into normal cognitive awareness in adolescence, they are seen as "ACTING-OUT" they are systematically drugged. In-patient psychiatric hospitalization, psychotropic drugging and Kiddy-meth doping for problem-kids...the ADHD drug pharmaceutical grade methamphetamine enhanced with a drug for quick brain-barrier penetration.....is the preferred in adult crystal-meth addicts scientifically tested and proven.