About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Adoptive Parent Entitlement


The Entitlement Issues Of Adoptive Parents

Adoptive Parents With Entitlement Issues!

Does your adoptive parents expect more from you than they have earned or deserve?

Many parents only want the best for their children (usually more than they had growing up), but has this actually backfired on families?

In today's society many adoptive parents, especially adoptive mothers, have major entitlement issues. 
Many parents feel that giving their adopted child material items will somehow earn them respect. Quite frankly, the opposite occurs in most families. The more adopted child tries, the more the adoptive parent expect and the less they respect the adopted child. The adopted child literally lose their sense of self in adoptive parent's forced and unrealistic expectations. At the end of the day, no one wins and life is a constant battle of anger, hopelessness, and loss of the adoptee's self and self esteem.

Entitlement issues in adoptive parent's can lead to serious psychological problems in the adopted child. 
The adopted child is reduced to an object owned by the adoptive parent that must perform on demand in the adoptive mother's frequent and public puppet shows.

Respect and responsibility should be shown to the child when the adoptive parent expects the same treatment, but rarely offer the treat others as a person wishes to be treated. The adoptive parent's feel they are the "saviors" of the adopted child and not the parents. The adoptive parent that views themselves this way will expect superior treatment that any normal biologically raised child is never asked or expected to treat their parents as gods of mercy, that expect their children to show and be grateful for being saved by their adoptive parents. This unrealistic expectation that is forced on adopted children is never forced on biological children, as they are never expected to be grateful for being born or grateful to their parents for parenting them, so why are adopted children treated with such double standards when most adoptive parents exclaim that adoption is no different than raising biological offspring. Yet the demands for gratefulness are concrete expectations by adoptive parents that deny the adopted child's biological family, history, heritage, ancestry, culture and change their Identity to erase any clues to the child's real identity and past. The adopted child is a pawn, a temporary prop to occupy their desires of which most adopted children fail miserably at pretending to be the child that was lost, in the adopted child's role and dual personality.