About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Primal Wounding, Adverse Experiences From Maternal Bond Severing on the Adopted Child & Adult Adoptee


Adverse Effects of The Primal Wounding In Adopted Children & Adult Adoptees

The long term effects from the intentional infliction of this permanent psychological Injury to the infant's ego, psyche and the damaging the infant's primal inherent ability to trust is based in the maternal bond's formation of safety proximity and the infant's trust through his maternal bond. When the infant's maternal bond is severed at birth the child is traumatized pre-verbally the memory of the trauma is physical and emotionally paralyzing to the infant's inexperience and psychological grief consumes the newborn infant's ability to psychologically understand the trauma that is experienced by the infant through his emotions, physical body and psychologically effected by the trauma that provokes the infant's expected emotional grief state and status of uncontrollable dissatisfied state of existing.
The rupture of the infant's maternal bond creates the state of consistent mistrust in the caregivers, adoptive mother, and all others that constitute a self fulfilling prophecy of failed relationship formation, failed relationship maintenance, failed future relationships premature endings.
All future relationships to other human beings will never be seen by the adopted child as natural, these future relationships will not bring the adoptee comfort, only the miserable impending doom of eventual future abandonment which is expected yet will always surprise the adoptee as the adoptee dreads the reality that all relationships with the adoptee will eventually and predictably come to an abrupt, unexpected or long and drawn out endings.

The event of severing the infant's maternal bond, the infant's primary attachment from conception through birth has been documented scientifically, theorized, reconstructed through scientific method and proven throughout the decades in the voices of adopted children, adult adoptee's and their testimonies has been explored, studied, extrapolated, documented and studied since the 1940's.

The Primal Wound Theory has been the topic of great controversy among "the Anti-Adoptee Movement", the adoptive parent's and the adoption Industry that attempts to discredit, invalidate and silence adoptees including all scientific explanations for the recurring, common and repeated issues, problems and consequences that adopted children and adult adoptees suffering from as a group and population of displaced people.

The Anti-Adoptee Movement attempts to silence adoptee voices with scientific sabotage, web site infiltration, and burying adoptee sensitive data within the internet where it becomes inaccessible to adoptees attempting to self educate, self heal and arming themselves with self knowledge of to understand the injustices that they have been assaulted with through forced child adoption silence.

The Adverse Effects of Primal Wounding
The forced development of an immature infant's ego development and forced self actualization of infants 12+ months before the infant is naturally ready to self-separate and become independent from the child's biological mother. The forced severing and separation teaches and conditions the infant to be accepting of isolation from the infant's own biological family, and unconsciously non-accepting of the substitute adoptive parents and adoptive family.
Although consciously the adopted child institutes hyper vigilance to adapt to the foreign environment.
Unconsciously we do not choose to integrate, consciously we strive to survive the adoption ordeal by our complacent behavior or "acting out" to instigate the self fulfilling prophecy. It has been said by many adoptee adoption trained psychologists that the adopted child that expresses efforts in acting out is the most psychologically healthy of the two types of adopted children, where the submissive, quiet and compliant adoptee is the unhealthy child responding to the adoption paradox by adapting through fear.

Due to the fact that adopted children do not trust their adoptions, they do not experience or allow others to penetrate the adopted child's walls of personal boundary, and the growing cognitive knowledge and understanding that like being born, adoption is a temporary time sensitive childhood duration event and is not forever, despite the adoption industry marketing. Adoptee's play the adoption game to keep the peace, they play the adopted child role to make their home life less miserable and work at keeping their adoptive parent's happy in ignorant bliss that the adoptive parent's have created and prefer to live there.

When adoptees reach adulthood, they engage in multiple rocky and unstable sexually based relationships, as intimacy is virtually unknown to adoptee's immature upbringings. Adoptees make great temporary lovers but crumble as we are unable to see into the future, unable to plan or save money for future as the future does not exist in adopted child's-adult adoptee reasoning. There is no mastery of the time concept or continuity with time, we can only conceptualize the now and have no ability to plan future events. But adoptees lack control and control of time both concepts that are difficult puzzle pieces to adoptee's confusion and lack of adult skills with which to understand and manipulate or control.
Similar to the adoptee's need for control, as we have never owned our own bodies or lives, we have never owned ourselves, and we are sold into marriage before we have any concept of ourselves, a new owner takes over our lives as we must follow to do as we are told to survive.  
Adoptees are treated as the perpetual child, and the adopted child is never taken seriously in the adoptive family. Never are we valid or have what it takes to in their eyes be independent, we are and will always be seen as forever children as we were not born to our adoptive parents, so the natural progression of age will never make sense to adoptive parents. They simply can not fathom the adult in their forever adopted child. We are their perpetual owned adopted child that will never grow up, be smart enough to make adult decisions, or be respected by adoptive parents....they only see the adopted child, which a child does not receive respect from his parents.

The anti social adoptee is the final outcome, the society that labeled us in the first place is the society that wishes us to remain silent and grateful to the adoption industry for taking us away from our parents, family tribe and culture. They believe that they saved us from something, of which they deserve public recognition and praise. We adoptees see that our lives were stolen, hijacked and kidnapped from our heritage where we ultimately belong, but our society does not want our healing, our sanity or our choices and voices. They want our silence and the status quote to remain for the adoption industry to thrive in wealth. Stealing the children from their mother's arms makes adoptor's happy and satisfied.
We are expected to be too many things to too many people and never true to ourselves as we play the adopted child role, we are lying to ourselves, our biological family, and lying to our spiritual wellbeing.

When we keep playing the adoption game we are ruining any chance for healing, returning half way between where we belong, as it no longer remains. Our lives have gone one with out us as we are absent from the lives we could have had. We don't belong with the adoptive family and we don't belong with our biological families either. There is no where that will fulfill the bleeding gash left by child adoption in our hearts. The only familiarity we can find is a common allegiance with other adoptee's suffering in silence, there is no place in the world that adoptee's belong to except isolation, seclusion and recluse.
Omitted from society is where we can exist without the words of condemnation, where we can move on from the society that used us up and threw us away.
Outside of the social realm is where I have found an existence that I can remain without the social words that condemn me useless to my society.