About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Purpose of the Adopted Child Is Served


The Purpose of the Adopted Child Is Served 

The child that is born with a name, is erased by the adopting parents. Erased is my name, my maternal family, my paternal family, my culture, my religion and my place among my genetic people has been erased for the good of the adopting mother.

I will not allow the socially acceptable name forced on me by adoption law, to eradicate the psychological fears that are played out in the adoptive mother.

The adoptive mother's fear that someday the real and biological parents might know me, might feel a connection to me or might feel love toward me, that the adoptive mother could not feel toward me. 

The ultimate fear of the adoptive mother that a child could be loved by her genetic family, that they could be waiting for their biological child that was cruelly stolen from them and taken from her arms at birth.

The truth that most mothers are waiting for their stolen child to return to them is a truth for many mothers who's innocence was taken advantage of at a time when she could not defend herself from the fast talking legal wrangling of quota seeking social workers, money hungry lawyers that prey on the defenseless pregnant and women in labor. This modern day slavery of children bought to serve their middle and upper class masters. 

The adopted child who's identity is erased will submit to their master, adoptive parent until the fog of child adoption deceptions, secrets and lies is lifted in cognitive awareness that grows the intelligence of the adopted child.

Adopting parents try to keep the adopted child from knowledge about themselves. In the adoptive parent's strategy in keeping the adopted child submissive, ignorant and dependent on them for as long as possible. When the control over the adopted child can no longer be maintained in adulthood, the use of manipulation by guilt and strikes at the broken self esteem over the illegitimate adopted child prove victorious for adoptive parents in maintaining the psychological domination over the useless adopted child self-worth.

The tactical strategy of erasing the adopted child's identity aids in the psychological domination of having the child realize that they have no escape from the modern day slavery and ownership of adopted children, they have no choice and without knowing their own real identities they are rendered psychologically dependent on what is provided to the adopted child by the adoptive parent's control.

Yet the time of cognitive growth and awareness renders the adolescent adopted child intelligent about his plight. The adopted child's awareness of secrecy and lies begin to form cognitive understanding of the secrets and lies surrounding his adopted status that keep him imprisoned, and give light to the possibility of self-liberation from the chains and prison that adoption provides.

The adopted child's innocence phase from birth to the adoption placement through the age of ten-twelve before the onset of adolescence.  This time of desperation from abandonment, the perception of trusting the hands that attempt to drown the light within the adopted child's free spirit that the adopted child holds secretly inside coexisting with the secret real and true self, never to be revealed to those that continuously keep the adopted child submissive and psychologically enslaved to serve the adoptive parents.

This time of agreeableness to the adoptive parents where the adoptive parent continues to suck up pride from parenting the unwanted adopted child. The adopted child's core focus is to please the adoptive parent and prevent abandonment by the adoptive parent. In this phase of the adopted child's innocence the adopted child remains without voice as the adoptive mother's arrogance is compelled to speak on behalf of the adopted child's well-being and speak on all matters. Where the adopted child is allowed to speak, he does so with the relentless and strong words of the adoptive parent's influence. The adopted child will never speak with freedom or of personal agency, as the adopted child's purpose is to please the adoptive mother's self-esteem. For the adopted child to speak honestly would render him re-abandoned, so he must maintain favor with the adoptive parent at all times, never to fall into disregard by the adoptive parent as he has been continuously warned and threatened by the adoptive parent if the adopted child were to speak honestly it would render the adopted child abandoned by the cruel adoptive mother that owns the adopted child's soul forever.

In the circumstances where the adopted child escapes the bonds of adoption, he will never again be admitted into the adoptive family, as this threat has been recited over and again to the young innocent child and constitutes the adopted child's the biggest fear...is to no longer exist. As the adopted child is only in existence in the "adopted child role" and can not occupy any other role or grow out of the adopted child role as this role is forever for the adopted child to be a child that was saved by the adoptive parent. The purpose of the adopted child's role is to be the victim of society that was saved by the adoptive parent...the "SAVIOR" adoptive parent is the adoptive parent's role and place in that society designated the adoptive parent the "savior" and the adopted child's role as victim from sexual circumstances. The adopted child's place in the world was only intended to fill the childhood role and never to outgrow the role or grow up into an independent person. The adopted child will always be the child, at eighty years old, their purpose was to be the adopted child that served their role in childhood. The forever child will never reach the status of an adult and is not allowed to grow up, to be forever a dependent victim that was saved by humanitarian adoptive parents.