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Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Adopted Child Forced Adaption to Adoptive Mother Instability as the adopted child's Norm, The Baby Scoop Era Forced Adoptions, The Stillbirth Adopted Child Replacement Program


Category: Adopted Child Abuse

The Baby Scoop Era Forced Adoptions &
The U.S. Hospital Program "The Stillbirth Replacement with Adopted Children" So no married women should suffer child death grief or go home from the maternity ward empty handed. 

The Adopted Child Is Forced Adaption to the Adoptive Mother's Mental Instability becomes the Adopted Child's Norm for Conduct in Life.

Adaptive Compensating from Birth Separation Trauma, Maternal Depravity, Genealogical Bewilderment, Adopted Child Syndrome, in Adopted Children Resulting In Mental Coping Defense Mechanisms and Hypervigilance That Exists Forever in Adult Adoptees.  

Not all adopted children are as unfortunate as the millions of"The Baby-Scoop Era"mother-child victims 
and the misfortune of adopted children and their Biological mother victims of equally the disturbing practice of
"The Rapid Adoption Replacement Adopted children" Replacing adopted infants with the stillborn children that their adoptive mothers did not go home from the hospital empty handed. 
As a failure "replacement child" that caused the adoptive mother to feel anxiety, contempt and repulsion toward me, at the reality of being stuck forever with an unwanted adopted child that was a bad decision from acting on "thinking out loud". As an abused adopted child, I was conditioned by "force-fear-compliance" early to be compliant and exist in the world in the only approved behaviors dictated by the adoptive mother's fantasy of what the ideal little girl would entail. Although the adoptive mother created her own false persona of a helpless Feminine lady, with an impeccable female appearance. The acceptable activities were centered around Women's Clubs, dinning out, cocktail parties, shopping and wardrobe.
that did not like or pretended not to know about normal everyday things like gardening, fishing or things she labeled boy stuff that little girls were not allowed to behave and engage in such boy types of activities and are forbidden as adopted little girls must behave in socially acceptable manners. Without full and fear-based compliance, the adoptive mother may be seen in a less publicly acceptable view. How the adopted child performs their duty in public, severely impacts the public's view of the award winning adoptive mother. The clean, impeccably dressed, innocent, sweet, naive and well mannered little girl, reflects to the adoptive mother's social group community, and effects the adoptive mother's socially acceptable and perceived status. If the young child were to behave as she does at home playing outside in the dirt with her brothers, the women's social group may look down at their adoptive mother member, as the little girl was playing in the dirt, her face is dirty and her language that is spoken among the boy playmates is considered foul, un-kept and seen as a dirty little kid. When the girl is presented in front of the women wearing a clean pink dress with a neat bun of hair with a matching bow, she is polite, answers when she is spoken to, and remains silent sitting still like a sweet little girl for several hours, to make her mother look good in front of her friends she is praised and well regarded. If the child can't sit still, asks too many questions and goes exploring when told to sit still, the child will b punished beyond belief, for she made the adoptive mother look bad. Although what child could sit through four hours of adult women talking, the merciless adoptive mother will make a spectacular example out of the child's defiance by threatening, spanking, silence, withholding affection and invoking guilt on the young child, yet the young child is used to the roller coaster of emotional turmoil that the mother will have a heavy melt down and make the child suffer a heavy penalty, after they leave the sight of the adoptive mother's social group. The adoptive mother will make the adoptive child regret getting up today, tomorrow will be reminded of yesterday and for several days to come the child will be treated cold and mother will have a continuously angry, intolerant, and repulsive attitude toward the adopted child for more than seven days.        

The adopted child must perform the trained tricks on demand to prove that the adoptive mother is worthy of her award winning social regard as an adoptive mother who takes her charitable giving to a much higher level than the average weekly church tithing. 
It is assumed that adopted infants are a blank slate,
but not equal to the implied acceptance, existence and unconditional regard for an individual's genetic birth child offspring. The adopted infant is not born,
It is ordered like a cabbage patch doll through the sears catalog. The act of concealing the child's identity with a new name, erases any link to a real or imagined genetic family that puts the adoptive mother at ease that the adopted child will essentially have nowhere to turn except the adoptive mother in times of disastrous consequences, or running away.  
 The adopted child is trained, coerced and forced to believe they have a duty, adopted child "Role" and   
utilize unsavory tools such as lies, deceptions, guilt, fear and punishment to reinforce the child's fear and submission to accept their lower class, social stigma, social disregard for adopted children as a tool to keep the adoptive child in control and dominated by the adoptive parent. To allow such a child autonomy or independence is a concept unknown to these adoptive parents as the adopted child is and will always be a perpetual child, as adopted children never grow up in the eyes of adoptive parents.