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Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Biological Mother-Infant Mirroring Communication Foundation Absent Foundational Mirroring in Adopted Infants, Post Partum Study on Biological Mothers-Child Mirroring


Biological Mother-Child Mirroring Studies

Biological Mother-Infant Mirroring Communication
Absent in Adopted Infants

The Biological connection of the post partum mother-child dynamic labeled the Maternal Bond. 
The post pregnancy bio-chemical state provides the mother with the essential energy, awareness and intuitive knowledge essential to care for her newborn infant. The hormonal based maternal drive is a subconscious state regulated by the body's shift from the pregnancy phase, through the birth phase, to the prolonged phase of maternal provision and physical care phase of maternal drive. The maternal drive body provides essential components on an as needed basis. When the mother is exhausted from being up all night, the drive will provide her with more energy. As mother and infant begin to form patterns, and not yet ready to settle into routine, vigilance is needed and her body responds with natural hormone (example) secretions of ephinephrine into her bloodstream to keep her awake. The maternal drive's hormone releases of calming, satisfaction and other pleasant psychological feelings enhancing hormones that give mother and child positive feelings when interacting with each other., The rewarding hormones give the infant-mother feelings of happiness, calming and pleasant feelings come from maternal drive hormone releases in the mother effect her mood. Releases in the child effect the child's mood, hormone releases in both the mother effect the child, and hormone releasing in the child effect the mother in this serious, profound and amazing ability of the biologically connected pair. 
Within this intuitive Connection the mother's body and mind are motivated to safeguard and attend to the needs of her child. The Intuitive mother's care, nurturing and protection Is demonstrated In the Maternal-Drive that motivates, compels and rewards the non-verbal, physical and verbal interaction. The mirroring is the essential face to face interaction, touch, smell, sound of the infant's voice, the mother's voice. The mirroring that takes place between biological mother and child encompasses all senses during and is a continuation of the mother-child bond from pregnancy, now to a higher level of awareness of one another. The mother and child face to face are biological and genetic duplication's of each other. The mirroring child and mother see essentially themselves in the other, giving the physical and emotional sense of contentedness, that is the child's foundation for the sense of self, self-esteem and the child's future in relating to other people begins in the safety and security of the mother child connected proximity. Without this foundational security learned in the maternally driven maternal bond of "mother-child mirroring"having been mastered by the child., The next stage of self esteem, secure autonomy and self Identification that is termed "the Mirror-Stage" (where the child can identify himself in a mirror) will be psychologically compromised, emotionally problematic, both mentally and physical immaturity when developmental phases are not exposed to as in the adopted child who will completely loose out on this essential foundation in self esteem, belonging and building a sense of worth and self worth by engaging in continuous biological parent mirroring.


Study of biological mother & Infant Mirroring:

Mothers who are securely attached in pregnancy show more attuned infant mirroring 7 months postpartum.

This study contrasted two forms of mother-infant mirroring: the mother's imitation of the infant's facial, gestural, or vocal behavior (i.e., "direct mirroring") and the mother's ostensive verbalization of the infant's internal state, marked as distinct from the infant's own experience (i.e., "intention mirroring"). Fifty mothers completed the Adult Attachment Interview (Dynamic Maturational Model) during the third trimester of pregnancy. Mothers returned with their infants 7 months postpartum and completed a modified still-face procedure. While direct mirroring did not distinguish between secure and insecure/dismissing mothers, secure mothers were observed to engage in intention mirroring more than twice as frequently as did insecure/dismissing mothers. Infants of the two mother groups also demonstrated differences, with infants of secure mothers directing their attention toward their mothers at a higher frequency than did infants of insecure/dismissing mothers. The findings underscore marked and ostensive verbalization as a distinguishing feature of secure mothers' well-attuned, affect-mirroring communication with their infants.


Attachment; Infant attention; Maternal mirroring; Mother–infant communication