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Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Primal Wound By Nancy Verrier


The Primal Wounding of Adopted Abandoned Children

The Primal Wound

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child 
American author Nancy Verrier published in 1993.
The book maps out the "primal wound" and consequences of.
The Primary Wounding that develops when a mother and child are separated by adoption shortly after childbirth. 
The author describes in great scientific detail, factual evidence and experience of being an adopted child, the mother of an adopted child and the psychological perspective from a doctor of psychological arts researcher, and study publisher. The maternal bond driven relationship between mother and child is having the vital biological bond connected relationship which is physical, psychological and physiological-biological chemistry based, that there is no substitute for the mother-child maternally bonded diad. The factual genetic ties and related information examines the negative circumstances of effects that disrupting such bonds manifest in human offspring, that can not recover, alter or fix the intentional severing of important to survival biological bonds.
The primary focus of the book is on the consequences of adoption to the adopted child. A central theme is the unconscious memory and infant's experiences of the abandonment and separation is imprinted as a survival mechanism, memory and the unrelenting grief the newborn experiences without cognitive or vocabulary ability to make sense of this traumatic first life experience. The foundation for all future relationships is rooted in the first primary relationship of the infant-mother diad, that began in the second trimester of pregnancy and was severed at the infant's birth the secondary trauma. The recognition that all adoptees, even those adopted at birth, will retain memories of the trauma experienced by the separation from their birth mothers, and that regardless of the way the adoption is presented and handled by adoptive parents, these memories will have profound effects on the emotional and psychological well-being of the adopted child, adult adoptee life long impact.

Cultural Acceptance

Judith and Martin Land, (2011), Adoption Detective: Memoir of an Adopted Child, References p. 274, cite Nancy Verrier, The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child (1993) and Coming Home to Self as key references.
Adoption Detective: Severing the connection with the birth mother causes a primal wound that manifests itself as a sense of loss, depression, mistrust, anxiety, genealogical bewilderment and trouble in relationships with significant others. 
CULTURAL DENIAL: Loving adoptive parent's can repair personal losses and abandonment memories and Issues...WRONG!
"loving adoptive parents can't heal adopted child's wounds with love"