About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Childhood Emotional Maltreatment of Adopted Children, The Adopted Child's Place In Society


The Childhood Emotional Maltreatment of Adopted Children 
The Reality of Adopted Child's Place In Society

The Term "CEM" Childhood Emotional Abuse is a 
psychological reference to adults and children suffering emotional consequences of a prolonged duration of control, domination and cruelty at the hands of the mother, father or primary care giver. The mother can only see the child as "all bad" (as in psychological splitting) an outcast, a social stigma
a trouble maker that will publicly reflect on the mother in humiliation. The mother see's the adopted child as deliberately challenging her authority and can only deal with the child in a humiliating, unjust, harsh and pitiless manner. The adopted child lives in constant fear of the adoptive family returning the child to an orphanage, and in recent "Re-Homing", as the adoptive parent's verbal threats of "sending the adopted child back where he came from" is a constant threat the adopted child lives under.
The adoptive parent's threat of returning the adopted child is acknowledged, stored in long term and short term memory, and exists as a condition of the adopted child's self-awareness as part of the child's foundation of the child's awareness and place. The adopted child's "place" is clearly identified, taught to the child and reflected in the adoptive parent's relationship with the adopted child. Early in the adoptive relationship "place" similar to "cast" (in East India Culture), the child is not part of the biological family, the child exists "lower" in proximity to the biological group. The adoptive family excludes the child from the biological group in social settings,  private family settings and negatively regards the adopted child in general. The adopted child is raised by a different set of rules, values and norms than the familiar family group guidelines of acceptable behavior and conduct. The adopted child is reared by the psychological indifference, moral conflict and the mistrust of the adoptive parent. The adopted child's psychological well-being is compromised and further damaged by the adoptive parent's deep down mistrust and loathing of the adopted child's presence. The adopted child represents the narcissistic wound, pregnancy trauma and reproductive failure of the adoptive mother. The adopted child is a constant reminder of the adoptive mother's fatal flaws, failures and her own public humiliation by the presence of the adopted child.
The adopted child exists in a constant state of high alert, extreme startle response and is severely punished for acting on the natural drive of "fight or flight response". The child's punishment for running or confronting (in the fight or flight response) when faced with impending threat and fear from the adoptive mother's anger or striking the adopted child. The child is taught to stand, take the strike or physical punishment and be quiet. The adopted child is forced to swallow a mountain of intrusive emotions, angry thoughts, and normal physical reactions to the threat of danger. 
The multiple damages to the adopted child's psyche, Ego and self-awareness from forced "Holding In" a large amount of normal physical processes, actions, emotions, thoughts and reactions on a daily basis causes high blood pressure in children, psychosis and mental compromises in a growing child and morphs normal physical processes to irreversible damage. 

Normal psychological defense mechanisms must be altered to avoid further threat. Young adopted children forced to alter their normal physical body functions and processes to avoid the adoptive parents threat of danger is not normal and damage is expected. The adopted child's drive to survive is met with chronic viruses, bacterial infections due to the forced compromised immune system (from forced coping strategy) in abused and maltreated adopted children.    
The adopted child is a sub-human, worthless pawn
to be exploited by financially wealthy individuals. The consequences to the adopted child are ignored by society and the adopted child is the scapegoat for adoptions that fail. All problems in adoption blame is assigned to the adopted child, as adoptive parents, agencies and the adoption industry are liability free.
All social acceptance in child adoption is relied on the adopted child's ability to provide to the adoptive parent the reason the child was adopted. Adoptive parents are not in the market to nurture, focus on the child or raise strong independent contributors to society. 
Adopted Child's Place In Society Is a Lifetime Role In Adoption.
Like a Court Jester From Medieval Times....  
Adopted children are bought to fulfill a role, fulfill the void in the personal needs of the adopting parent, nothing more. The consequences arise when adopted children become adults and expect the same treatment and regard as first class citizens, they are mistaken.