About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Rebellion begins at Separation


The Rebellion Beginning at Separation

The Adoptee at maturity, will enter the enlightenment phase.
Yet the underlying festering anger in forced assimilation becomes dominant personality trait., It is kept under wraps,
kept quiet as it grows, deep within the psyche of the Adoptee.  
Many Adoptee's are not aware of why they are angry., Not being able to normally express emotions. The learned "forced agreeable attitude" and behavior is a common abnormal personality trait that adoptee's use to comply and live without constant yelling and punishments by adoptive parents. The
suppression of emotions causes Adoptee's to experience depression, when not being able to normally express emotions.
It is here where society chooses to drug children to get the result the parent desires. Not addressing the real and valid problems that adopted children face, parents drug them into virtual submission. The statistics of adopted children who are systematically drugged is disturbing (a topic for another page).  
and medically modified children grow into adults with severe chemical imbalances due to selfish parental drugging by doctors.

The Adoptee's subliminal attack on the forced assimilation will eventually jump out and be known.
The act of removing a human baby from their maternal environment is against the laws of nature. To remove a child from the mother and child unity and give that child to a more
acceptable, wealthier, more deserving person is both physically and morally wrong.
The act of forceful disturbance of a child's environment, Forcefully taking a child away from the child's connection to that environment and forceful assimilation of environment Imitation.  
perversion of truth.
As Small children are innocent and trusting,
The unsuspecting Adoptee carries with them the basic mistrust
that is created through experience, this learned behavior was imprinted upon them during the time of separation from the biological mother. Then perpetuated by the substitute parent as the infant protesting and submitting to defeat due to hunger and need. The infant grows into the awareness of truth and submits to the dual Identity paradox. The child becomes aware that they have two identities, and is forced to live the false identity in public. The psychological implications of lying in public sets a double standard and is a great cause for confusion to the Adoptee. The lying to please the adoptive family becomes transferred into self loathing. Hating one's self for living a lie
strikes at the basic concepts of identity and is a challenge to mental and psychological growth. These problems are further exasperated by adoptive parents who are not in the mindset of
supportive to self sufficiency. Parents who adopt to "forever own my baby" are the population of which Adoptee's rebel against.
Adoptive Narcissistic parents only see the child as an object that they possess and own, the child is like jewelry to accent the adoptive mother's beauty and how she is viewed by her peers and community. Only the best of impressions in the public eye,
but in private the home is more like a dungeon with a tyrant ruler. Inject religion into this sinking ship and you have a recipe for anger, resentment and loathing at the adoptive parent's good and moral reality.
The misconception that a baby is without memory, a child will not remember their own childhood is a falsehood and only wishful thinking on the part of the self serving adoptive parent.
Childhood is memorable, especially the mother child bond that takes place at birth. This bond and memory is responsible for the baby's rejection of the impostor adoptive mother.
The adoptive parent's psychological assault from being rejected
from a newborn child is overwhelming. The adoptive parent who
is self centered will in turn reject the rejecting child as a form of punishing the baby, which becomes a perpetual cycle of damage.
35% of domestic adoptions are terminated, annulled and reversed each year in the U.S.. The percentage of adoption failures that go unreported must equal the reported in mathematical formula logic would be 35% equaling 70% of adoption failure. The estimation of adoption cohesion 30%.
30 families out of 100 work out, but at age 18 (the Age of
Majority) the compliant adoptee has the legal right to search for their biological parents and biological parents can legally find their stolen children. The estimate statistics for  successful adoptions, adoptions that go on uncontested or terminated
prior to age of majority, compared to the 82 year average lifespan when people can and do legally modify the adoption decree by termination.