About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Religious Abuse of Children, Parent's Intentionally Force Fear on Innocent Children


Religious Based Child Abuse: The Parent's Intentional Force of
                                           Fear on an innocent children.

The injurious damage by ignorant parents never goes away. Parents that can't think for themselves, follow others blindly. These compliant U.S. citizens are concerned by the opinions of others. The Participation and amusement in local gossip is used
to modify and manipulate opinion, viewpoint and exclude others.
The general self serving desire of inclusion within the local group can promote behavior that is opposite of the religion being used.
 The social group is generally made up of mothers in competition within a church. Concerned with what other people are doing at the avoidance of scrutiny.  These parents Believe and follow horrifying religious stories told to them by equally ignorant parent. Just following the norm is not longer acceptable, and deviation from the bible. Religious stories do scare the young.
The trauma to an innocent child, when parents choose their child live in fear, misery and dysfunction as they live in fear and force the plague of religion on to the children.

Raising Children Without Religion.
I feel that religion is a personal perspective developed as one grows into adulthood and personally begins this particular religious search. I wanted my children not corrupted by fear,
and to remember and enjoy the innocence of childhood.
On two occasions, my adoptive parents forced religious fear on their grandchildren, against my authority as the mother.
Which caused serious damage to their innocence and in this
breech of grand-parenthood, Immediate intervention was necessary to restore them from injury. #1 The 3 year old comes home from grandma's talking about the DEBIL...I was so angry with mother, I called her and told her that the religion stops now, or the kids can't go with her.
My innocent child's fear was now evoked by a malicious grandmother, who did this because I asked her specifically not to. Not to religiously indoctrinate or corrupt her mind with religious fear, as she had done to me. This was the only real ground rule I asked my adoptive parents to avoid. In looking back, the only time I voiced a serious opinion and explained my reasons, consequences of fear on my children. They deliberately
defied my request. I am forever an adopted child and not capable of knowing what I am saying. When I set a boundary
with my parents, With intentional force they stomp over that boundary. Like teenage bullies, they say "How dare you" tell us
what we can and can't do! You are lucky we still put up with you...The ungrateful adopted daughter! The next time is done with great force and malice by the adoptive parents proving the
dominance over me and my problem of valuing my children.
I was disowned for the third time by my adoptive parents,  the month prior to my child's hospitalization.
#2 In the hospital my child was recovering and my parents smuggled their pastor in the back door to pray over my child in her hospital bed, to pray for her life. When I got up to throw the pastor out my father blocked the door in vicious anger at me.
This selfish, cruel and disrespectful act forced on my child by my adoptive parents was unforgivable. Since my child had never been indoctrinated, the child now thought she was going to die. I had an immediate meeting with the nursing staff, they knew what to do to combat these religious ideas to restore the child's peace of mind with loving and caring nurses using science to heal her body. The adoptive parents have only contempt for me and the boundaries I set to protect myself and children.

Parents use religion to reduce a child's sense of self reliance.
The parent's Intentional intimidation of an innocent child is not only cruel but devious behavior. The forcing of evil supernatural
beings on a small child is a sick form of domination. Parent's who choose to force this horrible fear of things unseen will seriously
confuse and derange a happy exploration of a child's behavior.


Religiously based psychological abuse of children is a growing area of interest in the psychological and sociological community. It can take the form of using teachings to subjugate children through fear, or imposing heavy indoctrination such that the child is taught only the beliefs and/or points of view of their particular sect (or even just that of their caregivers) and all other perspectives are stifled or kept from them. The beliefs are taught as absolute truth, with no way of ever questioning them. Psychologist Jill Mytton describes this as crushing the child's chance to form a personal morality and belief system, making them utterly reliant on their religious system and/or parents. They never learn to critically reflect on information they receive. Similarly, the use of fear and a judgmental environment (such as the concept of Hell) to control the child can be traumatic.[4]