About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Alcoholic Offspring Become Dry Drunks

Adult Children of alcoholics can not immediately see alcoholism that is in your face.
I have submersed myself in dangerous alcoholic situations all of my adult life. All of
the signs, symptoms and obvious living conditions are in my face and not attempted to be hidden from my view. Yet I do not see what is right in front of me.
I have even contributed financially to someone else's alcoholic lifestyle to the point of my own financial collapse.. I do not see what simply is presented right in front of my open eyes.  It can be spelled out with abhorrent living conditions, drunken parties where I am the only person not drinking or drunk, and spending my last dollars to buy a friend or relative a twelve pack due to their lacking of alcohol.
My inability to survey any environment for my own safety and personal regard is severely handicapped. I am completely at ease with addicts, alcoholics and criminals., Although would not allow this kind of company exposed to my children. Now that they are grown, I have endless free time and have found trouble as each new relationship. I am the drinkless drunk seeking out the bowels of society for
friendship worthy of a disreputable disturbance.
Pathetically, It is only a pathetic lack of self, being acceptable by those whom in retrospect are not deserving of my twisted dedication. It becomes obvious once I am removed or run from a new predicament that I have found myself again feeling uncomfortable with my surroundings. But everything in my world is not comfortable so I do not know what the difference is. Usually either my money is gone or some other violation exists that prevents me from the next predictable step.  I am dangerous to myself in the regard that I haven't the recognition of the obvious if my life depended on it.
What is normal to any person is what life was as a small child. Our childhood home and the behaviors of our childhood family, this is what constitutes us as individuals from our foundation of early life. In this bedrock of a child's learning, we observe, mimic what we see, and duplicate our parent's behaviors. This is involuntary, primal and predictable human behavior. Regardless of social adherence or deviance we become what is presented to us while we are children.

Ignoring the Primal Wound

When a person's skin is cut or bones broken, thick "scar tissue" begins to cover the entire effected area. When we ignore the injury, it becomes infected or can break open the thick callous revealing a deep wound that will be difficult to heal within a long duration.
Through our life our body will always remind us of this injury by the pain and  appearance of this scarred location. Our flesh and our mind are made from the same matter, but scars to one's emotional damage are easily hidden and unseen.
Yet the same physical manifestation of scar tissue and healing attempt in the same
manner. When ignored become infectious, scarring wounds of the emotional self.
When an emotional wound is ignored, anger and hate are excellent ways to cover
the opening.  When we ignore the issue's need to resolve (with attention to the assault) The problem will repeat itself over and again in our head, until we explode
or intentionally suppress the problem deep down inside. Living out our lives with these miserable unresolved issues that now play nightly in our dreams or silent thoughts kept quietly to ourselves. Counselling can help us but our culture denies it's necessity., Our society is busting with emotionally damaged individuals whom ignore their problems and pretend that everything is fine on behalf of appearances.
These individuals go on to hurt and kill innocent people, kill themselves or end up in prison. Exist under the law radar living miserable lives of the ordinary.
 This behavior pattern is reflected daily in the newspaper of every town in the U.S..
If our culture took responsibility for their hate and bias, our world would evolve.
Being accountable for our actions and aware of the harm we give daily to others is a monumental change to everyday life in America. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Award Winning Adoptive Parent

From societies perspective, The adoptive parent provides solutions to the problem of unwanted children. They have also created a thriving industry like that of garbage turned into recycled products. No one wants to deal with their own stinking trash, and to pay someone to get rid of it, is a
win-win situation where everyone benefits, everyone profits.

Disposable-Indiscretions or Children

This throw-away culture our society has created grows thick with hypocrisy. The greatest contributors to the suffering and humiliation of unwed mothers are our
trusted religious institutions. The churches were the first to streamline feminine
shame, and embraced the opportunity to profit. Current "open adoption" trends threaten the foundation that the shame circle was built. The punishment of the guilty christian is to loose her proper appearance in the eyes of the church and congregation. When an unmarried church member becomes spoiled by the filthy seed of illegitimate pregnancy, her banishment and the relinquishment of her baby
will somehow return her church membership card and erase her sin. Not likely.                   During a families nine month missing daughter, everyone in the church and town
know exactly what is happening and the compliant woman will still be labeled a slut.
In the eyes of human decency what kind of woman could give away their own flesh
and blood? Most women can not part with their jewelry and clothing, But when it
comes to bearing a human baby she easily shares her wares like a dozen extra cookies in a batch. What of the women who give freely whole litters, an entire
generation of children out there on their own. They will be found in prisons, mental
hospitals, and at the bottom of society's food chain. Once the novelty of "baby"
wears off, they begin to grow into children, kids and the dreaded teens. The end of the line for most adoptees as now they can legally run away from the life chosen on your behalf. The reality of this preconceived notion
of "instant baby" is similar to a store bought doll, but the doll will get more play.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who Is It, That Shapes Our Lives?

Who is it that shapes our lives? The strangers and friends we come in contact
give us strong contributions to what we convey to others. Certain behaviors we
incorporate, stories that touch our inner being and simple kindness shape us forever. Ever a stranger of which we may pass may change us still, for we are
the evolving human from which humanity is spawn.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Christian Mother and Child Reunion

Adoptee Rage....On Meeting "The Mother"

I met my uterine-Hostess at a family beach day, organized by her sister, my "aunty Di". Unknown to me, I was the secret "surprise" guest.....More like the Guest of dis-honor. The Mother avoided me and talking to me. She sat at the far opposite end of the family's beach picnic. Of the 20 plus people and children all sat horrified with amazement as they stared at me on one end and Cheryl far far to the right like a tennis match without a ball.

On this monumental day for me, she forgot her manners along with her good christian hat.  Like an angry child, The Mother simply ignored me, while pretending I did not exist. I sat there for what seemed an eternity,  feeling miserable, humiliated, and so ashamed to be stuck in a place where you are not welcomed.  Embarrassed and perplexed my "real" family just kept staring at my pathetic state, waiting for some kind of interaction or reaction to happen at this mother and child reunion.
Surrounded by her family, the mother continued to go about her business playing
with grand children and conversation with sisters and daughters in law. When no one was watching, I was
able to slither back to my truck and make my get away. On my long drive home, I
kept wondering what was it that I did wrong?