About Adoptee Rage

Statistics Identify large populations of Adoptees in prisons, mental hospitals and committed suicide.
Fifty years of scientific studies on child adoption resulting in psychological harm to the child and
poor outcomes for a child's future.
Medical and psychological attempts to heal the broken bonds of adoption, promote reunions of biological parents and adult children. The other half of attempting to repair a severed Identity is counselling therapy to rebuild the self.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bio Dad Sexually Exploits Daughter

Over a year of phone conversations, made me believe I was starting to know who this stranger was. Trusting him to the extent of considering having him live with my family. To be sure I had to visit him in his comfort zone, flying three thousand miles to the 1950's of the south. The land of racial segregation, hate of everyone who is not white and daily verbal attacks on non existent gays. In this disturbing disreputable culture of the real white trash, I find myself in the thick of all that I refuse to accept.
Upon my arrival, I meet dad and Joey whom he rents his room for fifteen years.
Joey loans me his car and I plan to bring it back to him that evening. My father
tells me how important Joey is working at his job working at the company over 25
years. Joey manages 30+ male employees and drivers, and is a third generation company worker. As I get ready to drop off the car, my dad tells me what he need me to do while I am out. He asks me to get all dolled-up and put on some war paint. When you get to Joey's work, I need you to make a big deal when you give him the keys. Make sure all the men can see you when you give him a real big kiss and hug. "Really make over Joey" when you see him, and make sure all the boys get a real good look at you. I want them all to be wondering what the hell is going on over here, when you leave the car. This will really get those boys
to thinking. I bet they never thought this was coming.  Nothing like some twisted  fatherly pressure.

The first day I meet my biological father, he sexually exploits me like an unpaid Whore. He sees me as a tool for jokes, manipulation, and sexual deception.
He believes that I am stupid and ignorant because I am a women. In previous
phone conversations dad has said many inappropriate and sexually suggestive statements, and dirty jokes that belong in an all guy audience at the dive bar.
The most disturbing was a poem or joke he wrote and wanted my feedback.
As he read this to me over the phone I was so grossed out!            
He wrote about eating a woman and she closed her legs and broke his glasses.  He thinks that he is funny, saying it to your female child is sickly deranged.                                            The sexual discussion topic belongs with a proper audience.
Never have this form of sexual discussion with your child.
The problem is his need to convey a thriving sexual image to his adult daughter  
creates serious concern for my safety and well being.
The second problem exists in regard to truth and dealing with people who choose
not to be clear about what really is going on. Close friends and family purposely influence the way others see them. By creating stories that make themselves look better and in most cases "the hero" instead of boring, simple honest and truthful.
My dad has told me how he became disabled. He was walking out to the mailbox
in the dark. He tripped over the tree roots and fell into the storm drain.                                  
I did finally get the true version of dad's disability accident. Walking outside drunk and carrying a pot of rotten chilli to dump in the storm drain along the street. He falls in the storm drain while attempting to toss the pot. He lays in the storm drain over night covered in rotten chilli. How fitting!

Adopting A Novelty Child

Throughout my life, I have been viewed as a novelty ignored without any tone of being taken seriousness.
 being female has made any words that I have spoken completely ignored. As children observe and reflect their environment  

Adoption Sucks by Arrogant Christian Followers

I say Christian followers because they follow like cows to the slaughter.
Reading some Adoption Sucks Blogs, The recurring nightmare of Christian Arrogance compounds, and astounds me. How the Arrogance of American
Christian's ruins some of the hope for adoption. The Christian in the U.S.
does not follow Christianity, they follow their Idea of what they believe it means
to be Christian. Each version is unique to how the individual paints their religions
belief. The only Christian uniform is the greed driven appearance to the outsiders.
California Christians enjoy the persona of wearing the Christian costume. Following what is currently sensationalized, The predictable drones covet celebrities, and what other people purchase. Cars, Homes, and Adopted Babies are
things that give individuals status in the eye's of their piers.  Their greed driven
personality is the entitlement that ruins a christian's personality. When Christians
purchase children, the adopted child becomes a possession and not a family member. (Example: When I call my adopted parent's home, my dad answers the
phone and says "Your daughter is on the phone") At 45 I am still regarded as her bought and paid for possession. I was raised in the same principal of ownership.
American Christians disregard all other religious philosophy and non religious philosophy. They verbally disrespect other monotheistic christian based churches,
including Catholicism as Catholic's do not discuss their personally held beliefs.
Unlike Christians the Catholic keeps his personal business to himself. The problem
with adoptive christian families all privacy is neglected especially the privacy of an adopted child. The family sees the adopted child as their personal act of charity within the Christian faith, and constantly seek approval for this large donation
that is constantly needing eighteen years of funding. Christian parents feel they are saving the non christian orphan from their inborn culture and ignorant religion.
To expect the promotion of an adoptee's culture and religion from the christian family is an impossibility. As they loathe any thought or philosophy outside of the only valid religious teaching. The only hope for these adoptees is that they can escape the programming or deprogram themselves when they flee at age 18.